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of the company Motorradteile-Zubehör - Karla Hahn
Kreuzhardsweg 6, 56593 Pleckhausen, Germany
Fax: +49 02687 9284092; Mobil: +49 0160 99319212
VAT-ID.: DE239915094

for contractual relations in the context of our motorcycle partial accessory trade opposite private people

The company "motorcycle partial accessories - Karla Hahn" operates an on-line Shop for commercial purposes under the Domain http://www.motorradteile-zubehoer.de and offers its customers on these sides of products for the purchase over Internet.

1. General/area of application

For all with the company "motorcycle partial accessories - Karla Hahn" over Internet or other remote means of communication final contracts apply excluding this AGB. This applies to all in detail specified goods, our offers, supplies, repairs and other achievements and business in the context of our motorcycle partial accessory trade opposite private final consumers. By placing of order and/or order, at the latest however with receipt of the commodity or the achievement, the customer recognizes these on without reservation. Our terms of sale apply exclusively: We recognize opposing one of our terms of sale deviating conditions of the buyer on only by express agreement.

2. Offer and contract conclusion

The presentation of our goods does not represent a binding offer on our part, but a noncommittal on-line cataloque. Only the order of a commodity by you is a binding offer after § 145 BGB. Technical and formative deviations from Descriptions and data in folders, cataloques and written documents and our on-line offer, as well as model, Construction and materials alterations in the course of the technical progress remain reserving, without from this rights against us to be deduced can.

Our offers are always not-binding and noncommittal. In particular with offered using parts is to be assumed only few parts are available or that the offer is limited even only to a part.

Conclusions of contracts take place in the name and to be paid by "Motorcycle partial accessories - Karla Hahn", Kreuzhardsweg 6, 56593 Pleckhausen, Germany.

After input of your personal data and by clicking the Buttons "Order lock" in the locking step of the Order process deliver you an obligatory order of the goods contained in the purchase basket. The order or placing of order by the customer represents a request for conclusion of a purchase, a serving, a work supply or a work contract. Goods orders out our on-line Shop only by Internet order, fax or telephone sales are received. The risk of a not clear upable, is appropriate for incorrect transmission with the buyer.

The request acceptance by us can take place both via delivery note/calculation and via written confirmation of order. In particular in this connection applies: Verbally given information of our co-workers become obligatory only if we them in writing confirm. The confirmation of the entrance of the order with the purchase in our on-line Shop effected automatically by E-Mail immediately after mailing the order and represents therefore no confirmation of order in the actual sense, but confirmed only the entrance of the order with us. Sellout and mistake with the quotation remain reserving.

Possibly arising delivery difficulties are communicated to the customer immediately, at the latest within one week.

All offers are freely not-binding and stand under the reservation of the self supply and availability of the commodity. If because of complete or partial unavailability of the commodity of dates of delivery kept or supplies do not become impossible, has the customer the right to withdraw within an at least fortnightly period from the contract.

If the delivery for reasons, which we do not have to represent, retards, the period is considered as kept or extends, until the cause of the delay is repaired. If a supply becomes impossible or for us no longer reasonable, we are free from a delivery obligation.

We reserve ourselves, with orders of customers, who did not reach the majority yet to withdraw from the conclusion of a contract.

3. Order and supply terms of delivery

We dispatch the available articles usually within 1 to 3 working days after order entrance, if in the description of article no other date/period of delivery are indicated. With the dispatching the sales contract comes regarding the articles under validity of these general trading conditions, ordered by you.

The adherence to our delivery obligation sets the punctual and normal fulfilment of liabilities of the Buyer ahead.

If differently does not agree, the supply takes place from stock to the ship-to-address indicated by the buyer. We supply in principle by post office to your house address. Post office storing and/or supply to a p.o. box is not possible. The danger goes on that Buyer over, as soon as the supply was handed over to it. Up to this time the commodity is by the transport insurance our logistics partner protected.

The minimum purchase order value amounts to for customers with ship-to-address in Germany 2.00 EUR. The supply takes place from stock Pleckhausen or starting from supplier of our choice. Transmissions with a total weight over 20 kg and/or particularly bulky or heavy transmissions become by parcel service or forwarding business dispatched. In this case forwarding expenses are separately determined and actual forwarding expenses are continued to compute become. Never are we responsible for the choice of the most favourable transit period. We dispatch in principle by cash on delivery. We one should other carrier select, then possibly higher costs can arise, however the amount of 85.00 euro will not exceed. This maximum amount does not apply, if the other carrier were assigned expressly when desired the customer. When desired of the However also a dispatch is possible for customers after payment in advance. The handling of order takes place as immediately as possible.

As a rule the commodity is dispatched as insured package. If the customer wishes a not insured mode of shipment, then carries exclusively it the dispatch and exposure to loss. For small articles and commodity of small value we look for the most favourable dispatch possibility, e.g. as Letter dispatch. If the customer wishes an insured dispatch, also in this case the commodity is dispatched as insured package.

In the interest of a brisk completion we reserve ourselves to dispatch to partial deliveries as far as this is reasonable for you. Additional forwarding expenses develop only when express agreement. Your order should not be available totally or partly, thus you are informed in writing in each case by us.

Transportation and all other packing are not taken back. The buyer is obligated, for a disposal of the packing to ensure at own expense.

When occurring circumstances, which we do not have to represent (in particular higher force or if without our being to blame for ours Suppliers or warehousemen the supply continuously or occasionally, not possibly or only under loss one makes more difficult one makes possible), are we entitled to exceed and/or designate agreed upon delivery times again.

Becomes by circumstances like higher force, labour disputes or by other unexpected obstacles, which we despite after that Circumstances reasonable care not to turn away, the supply or achievement knows totally or partly not possibly or unreasonably, is we entitled, from stand totally or partly to withdraw. The customer cannot deduce requirements from this. The aforementioned Regulations apply also, if the events occur at one time, in which we in delay are.

We are endeavoured to keep indicated times for delivery. Requirements for compensation because of default from delay or indebted Impossibility are impossible, if not resolution or rough negligence is present with us. When being present a contract in Senses of the remote paragraph law the customer has besides the right within 14 days after receipt of the commodity of stands to withdraw.

In the case of outwardly visible damage this must be certified by the carrier/package service for the adjustment of damages. If the customer communicates the fact that the commodity on the transit period damaged or was lost, we become immediately claims announce opposite the causer or investigation requests regarding the whereabouts of the commodity place. We are not obligated, to accomplish a replacement at the customers or to return the purchase price at the customers, so long the transport damage not clearly or the investigation procedure was determined was not locked yet.

4. Prices and payment means

All prices understand themselves, as far as they are indicated in other currency not expressly, in EURO (€) including the legal Value added tax. This is separately proven as a rule on the calculation.

Alone the prices in euro, those, specified in our Internet Shop, apply at the time of the order on the Internet sides indicated became. A correction due to obvious mistake and intermediate sale remain reserving us. All mentioned Prices are inclusive without obligation recommended selling prices of the respective legal value added tax and plus supply and Forwarding expenses lump sum, whose height you can infer from our Internet Shop.

Packing and forwarding expenses carries the buyer. These costs are included the prices and proven separately. With cash-on-delivery items the customer carries additionally the collection fees.

With offers particularly to manufacturing ones the value added tax is not contained in the price.

With the locking calculation of an order within our on-line Shop system the value added tax system-dependently always becomes proven. This representation is to be regarded never as basis for a value added tax refunding in relation to the tax office. Relevant relevance has only the document of identification of the value added tax on the customer reaching the original invoice. In case of it's, that the commodity is subject to the difference taxation, is a document of identification of the value added tax - against the calculation in our on-line Shop - not possible and permitted.

The prices understand themselves from stock Pleckhausen or starting from supplier of our choice. Cataloque prices, list prices and other asking prices are without obligation.

The customer has the following payment possibilities: Cash payment during collection in our camp, in advance pay or supply by cash on delivery. The banks accounts are in time indicated for this by us.

The commodity is reserved with the order by us for the customer. Taken place within five working-days no payment, the commodity becomes through us approved and if necessary otherwise uses.

5. Retention of title

In all cases remains the commodity remains up to the complete payment of all demands from the supply contract our property. We are entitled to take the purchase thing back if the buyer behaves contrary to the terms of the agreement. Turn out with the payment longer than five working-days in delay, we have the right to withdraw from the contract and return the commodity.

The buyer is to be treated obligated, as long as the property did not change over yet to him, the purchase thing with care and to spend on the keeping and the maintenance of the products all necessary care.

Up to the complete payment the buyer may not pawn or in other way than security use the products. It may the products amend and do not sell. The buyer pays the products with maturity not or stops its payments, we can reclaim the products without judicial decision at expiration of the period set by us. With seizing or other interferences third, the buyer has to inform us immediately in writing, so that we raise appropriate complaint can. As far as third is not able to refund to us the judicial and costs out of court of a complaint clings the buyer with being to blame for us developed the loss.

6. Guarantee

To your order the legal regulations apply; afterwards you are justified as buyers, for with delivery to you an unsatisfactory Commodity to require a NAK ago filling in the form of defect removal or supply of a faultless commodity i.e. the commodity becomes problem-free improved or completely replaces. During the NAK ago filling is the reduction of the purchase price or the resignation from Contract by the buyer impossible. We are entitled to reject the kind of the NAK ago filling selected by the buyer if this only with disproportionate costs is possible. The warranty laws of the customer in all other respects depend on those legal regulations. The legal guarantee period amounts to according to law two years starting from delivery of the commodity to you as our customer.

A rework applies with the second futile attempt as missed. The NAK ago filling failed or has we the NAK ago filling altogether refused, can explain the ordered the cancellation of the contract.

Warranty laws of the customer presuppose that these the received commodity on completeness, transport damages, obvious lack, condition and their characteristics examined. Objections because of incomplete or incorrect supply or obvious lack are of customers immediately, at the latest within two weeks starting from supply of the commodity in writing, e.g. by E-Mail or by to communicate fax (+49 02687 9284092).

The warranty claim expires, if the supplied commodity in any form were amended or purpose-alienated. With goods, for their start-up special knowledge, tools and/or measuring instruments are necessary, become the installation by an adept specialist under logging measured physical dimension presupposed. The warranty claim is void, if existing or by relevant definitions does not use prescribed start-up, safeguard and safety devices and mechanisms become.

Warranty is a voluntarily of the manufacturer or importer granted achievement. We pass these on to the customer. In case of lack within the granted guarantee period the customer must contact to clarifying of fault rectifications the warrantors. One over those here going out adhesion is impossible. An exception of this principle exists however, if the salesman the lack bad-cunningly concealed or a warranty for the condition of the thing took over.

The guarantee is void after the law, if the customer knew the error at the time of conclusion of the contract or due to rougher negligence did not know.

To collecting mains of the purchase calculation is considered as if warranty-oh-point.

7. Adhesion

We are not responsible for contract-atypical or unforeseeable damage. Requirements remain of it unaffected because of bad cunning or defective titles as well as due to deliberate or roughly negligent bad action. For easily negligent obligation injuries we close ours adhesion out, if this no contract-substantial obligations, damage from the injury of the life, the body or the health or warranties concern or requirements after the product liability law are affected. Same applies for ours to obligation injuries executing aide.

We are not responsible for damage, those on neglect of the fitting instruction, on not professional installation or required or even implemented action or default initiated by the customer are based.

In this connection we refer to the fact that installations and other work on a motorcycle are made only by persons should, which possess the necessary technical and expertises. With arising uncertainties such work should always of one specialized enterprise to be implemented and/or removed!

Regarding distribution and feed our adhesion is limited to us on the part of the logistics enterprise contractual assured.

8. Return instruction

Return of goods

If the customer is consumer in the sense of § 13 BGB, that has the right, supplied goods, which he bought with us, without indication return from reasons within two weeks by return of the commodity. The period begins at the earliest with receipt of the commodity and this instruction. Only with commodity not package-capable of being shipped (e.g. at bulky goods) the customer knows the return also through cancelling demands in text form, thus e.g. by letter, fax or E-Mail explain. For keeping the punctual sending off meets the period the commodity or the cancelling demand. In each case the return takes place at our expense and danger. The return or that cancelling demand wears to take place:

Karla Hahn
Kreuzhardsweg 6
56593 Pleckhausen
Fax: +49 (0)2687 9284092

The commodity is to be sent back in a perfect condition including all packing parts and in an insured package at us. An uninsured mode of shipment is possible only then, if it concerns goods of smaller value, those customers also of us as insured transmission were not sent.

If the consumer/customer exercises the right to revocation in accordance with article 6 of the distance selling law, then the supplier/salesman has to refund from the consumer/customer made payments free of charge. The consumer/customer has to bear the direct cost of the return of the goods themselves due to the practice of his right of revocation.

In principle the customer has to bear the cost of the return, if the supplied commodity corresponds to the ordered or if the customer did not furnish the return or a contractually agreed upon partial payment at the time of the revocation yet.

Unfreely dispatched returns are not accepted by us in principle, but are not sent back immediately to the sender. Returns from the foreign country are to be paid in principle by the customer.

A return right does not exist in supply of customized special orders of commodity, those not in our assortment one leads or on express desire of the customer for it one ordered, one made or one changed, as well as supplies of sealed goods, which were unsealed by the customer.

Return sequences

In case of an effective return on both sides received achievements and uses if necessary pulled are to be refunded (e.g. to give change customs advantages). With a degradation of the commodity indemnification according to value can be required. This does not apply, if those degradation of the commodity exclusive on their examination - as it would have been possible you for instance in the Business premises - to lead back is. In all other respects the customer can avoid the indemnification according to value obligation, by not taking the commodity like an owner in use and everything omits, which impairs their value. After back receipt of the commodity and examination of the condition of the return that becomes immediate purchase price returns. The customer has to give us in time for this its bank account well-known.

9. Revocation instruction



You know your contract explanation within two weeks with indication of reasons only in text form (e.g. with form for recovation, letter, fax: +49 02687 9284092, E-Mail) and by return of the commodity recalled, it is, you has in practice of your commercial or independent vocational activity acted (orders by entrepreneurs). The period begins at the earliest with receipt of the commodity and a detailed instruction in text form. For keeping the punctual sending off of the revocation or the commodity meets the period. The revocation is to arrange on:

Karla Hahn
Kreuzhardsweg 6
56593 Pleckhausen
Fax: +49 (0) 2687 92840

In the case of an effective revocation are to be refunded on both sides received achievements. If you cannot refund the received achievement to us totally or partly or only in worsened condition, you must carry to that extent if necessary indemnification according to value for us out. During the hiring of things this is not valid, if the degradation of the thing exclusive on their examination - as you you for instance in the business premises would have been possible - to lead back is. In all other respects you can avoid the indemnification according to value obligation, by taking the thing not like an owner in use and omitting everything, which impairs their value. During a return from a goods delivery you have to bear the cost of the return, if the supplied commodity corresponds to the ordered or if at the time of the revocation yet the return or a contractually agreed upon partial payment did not furnish you.

10. Area of jurisdiction

If you a general area of jurisdiction inland do not have or after contract conclusion your domicile abroad to shift or it Domicile at the time of the complaint collection does not admit is, is area of jurisdiction for all disputes the seat of our enterprise in Pleckhausen, Germany.

11. Other final clauses

Changes or additions of these trading conditions require writing. This applies also to the abolition of this writing requirement.

It applies the right of the Federal Republic of Germany under exclusion of the UN purchase right. Compelling regulations remain unaffected of the State, in which you have your usual stay.

It does not change anything in the remaining regulations, if individual regulations of the present Treaty should be ineffective or will or a gap contained. The parties commit themselves to make in place of the ineffective regulation such a legally permissible regulation, those the economic purpose of the ineffective regulation next comes, and/or this gap fills out.

We commit ourselves to the adherence to the Teledienstdatenschutzgesetz (TDDSG).

Explanation to the data security

Our general trading conditions can see and/or download you also as pdf file