Privacy Policy

The following privacy statements are to inform you how we use your personal data. We adhere by the strict regulations of the German data protection law as well as to the requirements from the European privacy basic regulation (DS-GVO).


Responsible person in the sense of the DS-GVO, other in the member states of the European Union valid data protection acts and other regulations with a privacy-legal character is:


Karla Hahn

Motorcycle partial accessories

Kreuzhardsweg 6

56593 Pleckhausen; Germany


Personal data

Personal data are to be experienced information to a person, which can be used in addition, identity-referred information, like e.g. name, address, address, telephone number. Information not with your identity in connection to be brought can (like e.g. number of users of the site), does not fall not under it. Personal data are raised from “motorcycle partial accessories” only then, if you actively take up contact with us, e.g. during the requirement from product information, an availability inquiry or with the order of our products.


Their personal data, as far as this for the reason, contentwise arrangement or change of the contractual relation are necessary (inventory data), become exclusively the completion of the sales contracts concluded between us used, approximately to the feed of goods to the address indicated by you. A use of your inventory data for purposes of the advertisement, the market study or for the organization meeting demand of our offers, going beyond it, requires your express consent.


Range of the processing of personal data

We raise and use personal data of you in principle only, as far as this is necessary for the supply of a functional web page as well as our contents and achievements, e.g. if you register yourselves on our web page or log in into an existing customer account or if products order you. The collection and use of your personal data take place regularly only with your consent. An exception is valid in such cases, in which a previous consent for actual reasons is not possible and which processing of the data is permitted by laws.


The security of your personal data has a high priority for us. We protect their data stored with us therefore by technical and organizational measures, in order to prevent a loss or an abuse through third effectively. In particular our employees, who process personal data, are obligated on the data secrecy and must keep this. For the protection of your personal data these are coded transferred; for example we use SSL=Secure Socket Layer for communication over your Internet browser. You recognize this by the lock symbol, which shows your browser with a SSL connection. In order to ensure the permanent protection of your data, the technical security measures are regularly examined and adapted if necessary to the state of the art. These principles are valid also for enterprises, which process and use data in our order and after our instructions.


Processing purposes and legal bases of the processing of your personal data

We raise, process and use your personal data for the following purposes:

- Reason and execution of contractual relations

- Customer service and customer support

- Supply of Telemedien, like e.g. for the order handling of our online offer of goods and services

On the following legal bases the processing of your personal data can be based:
Art. 6 exp. 1 lit. A DS-GVO serves us as legal basis for processing procedures, with which we catch up your consent for a certain processing purpose.
Art. 6 exp. 1 lit. b DS-GVO, as far as the processing of personal data is necessary for the fulfillment of a contract, e.g. if a product acquire you. Same is valid for such processing procedures, which are necessary for the execution of before-contractual measures, approximately with requests to our products or achievements.
Art. 6 exp. 1 lit. C DS-GVO, as far as we are subject to a legal obligation, which requires a processing of personal data, as for example for the fulfillment of fiscal obligations.
Art. 6 exp. 1 lit. D DS-GVO if make vital interests of you or another natural person a processing of personal data necessary.
Art. 6 exp. 1 lit. f DS-GVO finds on basis of our entitled interests application, e.g. with use of service providers in the context of the order processing, like shipping service providers or at the time of the execution of statistic collections and analyses as well as in loggings of registration proceedings. Our interest is directed toward the employment of a user-friendly, responding and safe representation as well as optimization of our Web offer, which serves both our business interests, and to your expectations corresponds.

Duration of storage and routine deletion of personal data
We process and store your personal data only for the period, which is necessary for the fulfillment of the storage purpose or if this was planned in laws or regulations. After omission or fulfillment of the purpose your personal data are deleted and/or closed. In the case of the blockage the deletion, as soon as legal, statutory or contractual periods for safekeeping do not oppose, does not take place a reason to the acceptance exists that a deletion your interests worthy of protection impaired and a deletion does not cause disproportionately high expenditure because of the special kind of storage.

Collection of general data and information, so-called log files
Our web page seized with each call on basis of the art. 6 exp. 1 lit. f DS-GVO a set of general data and information, which are temporarly stored in log files of a server. A log file is created in the course of automatic minutes of the processing computer system. To be seized can:
- Access to the web page (date, time and frequency)
- like you at the web page arrived (previous page, hyperlink etc.)
- Quantity of the sent data
- which browser and which browser version you use
- the operating system used by you
- which Internet service provider you use
- Their IP-address, which assigns your Internet ACCESS provider to your computer with the connection to the Internet
The collection and storage of these data are necessary for the enterprise of the web page, in order to guarantee the functionality of the web page and to deliver contents of our web page correctly. Besides the data serve us for the optimization of our web page and for the guarantee of the security of our IT systems. For this reason the data are stored for maximally 7 days as technical precaution.

Processing of personal data during establishment of contact, registration or guest order
a) establishment of contact
With your establishment of contact with us by telephone, email or over a contact form the data communicated by you are lit based on art. 6 exp. 1. A DS-GVO stored by us, in order to answer your questions. The establishment of contact is logged, in order to be able to prove the establishment of contact according to the legal requirements. We delete in this context resulting data, if the respective conversation with you is finally clarified terminated and circumstances concerned.

b) Registration
On our web page we offer the possibility to you of registering itself by indicating of personal data. The data are entered thereby into an input mask and conveyed and stored at us. The registration serves for to the fulfillment of a contract or execution of before-contractual measures and is based thus on art. 6 exp. 1 lit. b DS-GVO.

For the conclusion and the completion of contracts we need contact contacts, as for instance names, supply and bill-to-address and email address, as well as information depending upon individual case on the kind of the currency selected by you. Beyond that we use your data for the care of our customer data bank, so that there only applicable data are stored. In order to avoid and guarantee typing errors that your ordered articles arrive also with you, we examine the completeness and correctness of your address during the input.

c) Guest order
They have the possibility of making your orders as a guest. If you decide for this purchase order type, you do not have to register yourselves before an order. Please note that you must again enter your data for each further order.

We raise, process and use in the context of a guest order the information provided by you for the purpose of contract execution in accordance with art. 6 exp. 1 lit. b DS-GVO. We store the information for the period of the treatment and completion of your order, indicated by you. Afterwards your data are deleted, it are, you decide within 14 days after your order for an activation of your customer account. Data, which we must store due to legal, statutory or contractual storage obligations, will instead of a deletion closed, in order to prevent a use for other purposes.

d) Other
Based on art. 6 exp. 1 lit. C and f DS-GVO use and store we your personal data and technical information, as far as this is necessary, in order to prevent or pursue abuse or other illegal behavior on our website, e.g. for the maintenance of data security with attacks on our IT systems. This takes place also, as far as we are legally obligated to it, approximately due to official or judicial arrangement, and for the perception of our rights and requirements as well as for defense.

Social Media Plugins

On our web page we offer so-called Social Media Plugins of different social networks to you, so that you can connect yourselves with its Social Media channels. This Plugins is marked by a logo or the additive „Social Plugin “.

If you call our web page, which such Plugin contains, your browser makes a direct connection to the servers of the respective social network. Contents of the Plugins are conveyed by the social network directly to your browser and merged into the side. By this integration the social network receives the information that your browser called the appropriate side of our Web appearance, even if you possess no profile with the social network or straight are not logged in. This information (including your IP-address) is conveyed by its browser directly to a server of the social network and stored there. If you should be registered during the use of our web page on one of these social networks with your account, the social network can assign directly the visit of our web page to your profile. If you interact with the Social Media Plugin, e.g. “please to me” - button operate or a comment deliver, this information is conveyed likewise directly to a server of the social network and stored there. In addition the information is published on your profile and is shown to your profile friends. If you did not like the fact that a social network directly assigns the data collected over our Web appearance to your profile must out-log itself you before your visit of our website with the social network.

In order to protect your privacy, we avail ourselves for integration of the Social Plugins of a technical solution, which prevents that when opening our web page data (e.g. IP-address) are already conveyed to social networks. Only with the first clicking of the Social Media Plugins, these are activated. This has the consequence the fact that your browser calls the Plugins up of the servers and as part of our web page represents it. Information (e.g. IP-address) to social networks are transferred on. 

Only with the second clicking of the Social Media Plugins you can use the far legend function (e.g. “pleases me”) at full extent. If you are member of a social network and the appropriate Social Plugin clicks, the provider of the social network can possibly link information about the visit of our web page with your local profile data. Please inform therefore about these functionalities with the operators of the social networks used by you.

More exact information finds you in the privacy information of the providers of the respective Social Media Plugins.

The following Social Media Plugins is merged on our web page:

Facebook pleases me/parts
Operator: Facebook Inc., 1601 Willow Road, Menlo park, CA 94025, the USA
Privacy statement Facebook

Google+ button
Operator: Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, the USA
Privacy statement Google+

Twitter Tweet button 
Operator: Twitter Inc., 1355 Market Street, suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, the USA
Privacy statement Twitter

Passing on at service enterprise in accordance with art. 6 exp. 1 lit. b and f DS-GVO 
For the enterprise as well as the optimization of our web page as well as our services and for conclusion of the contract various service enterprise for us becomes actively, e.g. for the Hosting of our web page or for the payment and the distribution of products, which we the data necessary for the task fulfillment (e.g. name, address) to pass on.

A part of these enterprises will in the way of an order processing for us actively and may the provided data therefore exclusively after our instructions use.

In contrast to the order processing we convey data in the following cases to third for solely responsible use for the conclusion of the contract:

- with the distribution of goods to logistics companies and the post office service provider indicated for the order
- with the payment of goods to the payment service tenderer indicated for the order or a financing bank

With the payment and store we seize no exchange information such as credit card numbers or banks account. These announce you excluding directly the respective payment service tenderer. 

Passing on to other third in accordance with art. 6 exp. 1 lit. C and f DS-GVO 
Finally we will pass your data on in the context of the existing data protection acts on third or national places, if we are legally obligated to it e.g. due to official or judicial arrangement or if we are entitled to it, e.g. because this for pursuit of criminal offences or for the perception and enforcement of our rights and requirements are necessary.

Credit rating in accordance with art. 6 exp. 1 lit. b and f DS-GVO
If you select financing or purchase on account as kind of payment, our financing partner will catch up a creditworthiness information on the basis of mathematical-statistic procedures for the keeping of its entitled interests if necessary.

Their rights 
Of course you have rights regarding the collection of your data, over which we clear you up hereby gladly. If you would like to take one up of the following free rights, then a simple message at us is sufficient. 

To your own protection we reserve ourselves to catch up with a present request, further information which is necessary for the confirmation of your identity and if an identification should not be possible to refuse the treatment of the request.

a) Right to information
They have the right to require of us an information over too your person stored personal data.

b) Quite on correction
They have the right to require an immediate correction and/or completion that you personal data concerned.

c) Quite on restriction of the processing
They have the right to require the restriction of the processing of your personal data as far as the correctness of the data is denied by you, that are illegitimate processing, you however their deletion to have rejected and we the data not to have any longer needed, you however these for the asserting, practice or defense of legal claims to have needed or you contradiction against the processing to have inserted.

d) Quite on deletion 
They do not have the right to require the deletion of your personal data stored with us so far the practice of the right to free expression of opinion and information, which are necessary processing for the fulfillment of a legal obligation, from reasons of the public interest or for the asserting, practice or defense of legal claims.

e) Quite on instruction credit you the right to correction, deletion or restriction of the processing validly made, we will communicate this correction or deletion of the data or restriction of the processing to all receivers, who you were revealed personal data concerned, it is, this proves as impossible or is connected with a disproportionate expenditure.

f) Quite on data transferability
They have the right, personal data, which made you to us available, actually or to third in a structured to let usual and machine-readable format hand out. If you require the direct transmission of the data to another responsible person, this takes place only, as far as it is technically feasible.

g) Right to object
If your personal data on basis of entitled interests in accordance with art. 6 exp. 1 lit. f DS-GVO to be processed, had it the right to insert in accordance with art. 21 DS-GVO at any time contradiction against the processing.

h) Right of withdrawal of consent
They have the right to recall your consent at any time concerning the collection of data with effect for the future. The data raised up to the validity in law of the revocation remain of it untouched. Please have understanding for the fact that the conversion of your revocation for technical reasons can need little time and you meanwhile possibly still news from us received.

i) Quite on complaint at a supervisory authority
If the processing of your personal data offends against the data protection law or if your privacy-legal requirements were injured otherwise in a way, you can weight at the supervisory authority.

Data, which we must store due to legal, statutory or contractual storage obligations, will instead of a deletion closed, in order to prevent a use for other purposes.

Left on Internet sites of other enterprises
Our web page contains left on Internet sites of other enterprises. We are not responsible for the privacy precautions on external web pages, which can reach you by means of these left. Please inform there about the privacy of this external web pages.

Change of the privacy statements
In order to ensure that our privacy statements always correspond to the current legal defaults, we reserve ourselves changes at any time. That is valid also if the privacy statements due to new or revised offers or achievements to be adapted must.

Call of the web page and order of products
They can use our online offer in principle without disclosure of your identity anonymous.

If you order products or newsletter, we ask you for your name and for other personal information, which is necessary for the completion of the order. All personal data resulting within this framework are raised, converted and used only to the keeping of own business interests regarding the consultation and support of our customers and prospective customers or for the purpose of the contract design. It is subject to your free decision whether you enter these data; we cannot take over a liability with abuse by third. Their information is stored on particularly protected servers in Germany. That access is only for few particularly authorized people possible, who are concerned with the support of the Internet sites and servers.

In connection with your access on the server data for safeguard purposes are stored, those possibly an identification permit (e.g. IP-address, date, time and regarded side). These data will not become the identification of the user used and it no user profiles provided.

The statistic evaluation of made anonymous data records remains reserving.

On this website by technologies of the etracker GmbH ( data in made anonymous form are collected and stored for marketing and optimization purposes. From these data under an alias use profiles are created. For this Cookies can be used, which collect and store however data exclusively in pseudonymer form. Will not used the data to identify the visitor of this website personally and not become with data over the carrier of the alias united. The data collection and - can be contradicted to storage at any time with effect for the future.

Passing on of personal data to third
We use your personal information in case of from orders and requests only within “motorcycle partial accessories”. We do not pass it on without your express consent to third. As far as we are obligated legally or by court order to it, we will convey your data at information-entitled places.

Legal notice: With the clicking of the Facebook button data will transfer at Facebook.

Cookies are small text files, which serve to identify regular samples. Cookies do not contain information about you separate only an index.

On intended sides Cookies come for the employment, without we can refer you to it. Most browsers are so adjusted that they accept Cookies automatically. They can deactivate a storing of Cookies however or adjust your browser in such a way that it informs you, as soon as Cookies are sent.

Person under age protection
Children and people under 18 years should not convey personal data without agreement of parents or legal guardians at us.